The Hydralift

is a device that safety officials and production managers can both agree on.

Hydralift in action


than traditional methods


than traditional methods


than traditional methods

Introducing the Hydralift

Hydralift in action

As a well optimization specialist

in the Rocky Mountain region, I've worked daily to increase and maintain production on artifically lifted oil wells. This often requires adjusting the depth of the pump plunger in the barrel to increase compression, battle gas interference, or to temporarily tag the pump due to solids in the valves.

A better way to raise and lower rods

If you've ever lowered rods, you know what we're talking about. Even the best impact gloves won't save your finders if they're caught in a pinch point with the rod string weight on top of them. Being able to optimize wells in this day in age is critical to surviving the down turn we are facing.

The Hydralift was invented out of necessity

The current industry methods are extremely expensive, or primative and dangerous. As well, they require excessive labor and time. The Hydralift is 80% cheaper and 10x faster than traditional methods. How often does our industry get to enforce a new safety program that simultaneously allows individuals to work safer, save time, and of course, money? We decided to throw conventional methods in the trash and went to work creating the new standard of safety and operation, the Hydralift.

See The Hydralift in Action

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The Hydralift Kit

Packaged in a Pelican Case

Hydralift Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic pumps powerful 0,37 kw motor and *qty2 28 volt lithium-ion battery deliver exceptional speed and run time.

Hydralift Spacers


Permanent spacers are designed in 3”, 6”, and 9” sizes. The interior spacer teardrop design allows for easy removal or insertion of the spacer.

Hydralift Pole

Spacer Pole

Designed to lift the permanent spacers into position or remove easily and safely with no additional equipment.

*Operates on one battery and back up battery included.

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